Mountains Are Calling

"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

This page covers Day 4 - 6 of our tour and focuses solely on our time in Mürren, Switzerland!

This lovely village in the Swiss sky will make you want to quit your job and never go home. It's full of opportunity...from athletic adventures to simply marveling at the majesty of Mother Nature.

Mürren - Just the Basics:

  • Hotel: Hotel Jungfrau for three nights
  • Provided Meals: Two dinners at the hotel on the first & last night
  • Overall Impression: Hands down, our favorite stop of the trip!

John's Take: We really lucked out with the room assignments during this stop. The view from our top floor location was amazing. The entire hotel was nice and the food options during our provided dinners were extensive. It didn't hurt that it was really good too!

One of the best things about our time in the Berner Oberland is we got to choose how to spend all of it! That being said, there were plenty of "group" activities. One example - taking a gondola to the summit of the Schilthorn. Not only does it offer stunning views, it is also home to a James Bond museum! A stop at the Birg station on our way back down turned into quite a "thrill" for all of us!

Kristin's Tip: Plan to keep extra cash on hand for adventures like this. Our guide was able to secure a group rate for us...a saving of close to €45/person! She paid with a card and we all paid her back with cash. Great in theory, but we had allocated all our remaining money to other activities and this forced us to go to a bank (ugh, fees!). This was my only real complaint of the trip because it happened twice (here and in Salzburg) and had I known it was an option I would have gotten more money before I left home. Both experiences were amazing and we would have been bummed to miss out! 

We spent the rest of our day on a leisurely stroll to Gimmelwald (where we encountered a few locals), in search of the thrill seekers dotting the skies (and found a fabulous waterfall along the way) and finally enjoying a nice dinner together (while our laundry washed and mostly dried).

Our final day in Mürren started with another group activity (you do have the option of not taking part, but this one was included in our tour why not?!). Our advice...bring a rain jacket and make sure the grips on your shoes are good!

Next stop: Interlaken! It was a very short trip (just an hour) to have a look around, grab lunch and buy a few gifts.

Interlaken - Just the Basics:

  • Very short visit while out & about on last day in Mürren
  • Provided Meals: None
  • Overall Impression: Lives up to its name

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking a new route to the hotel and exploring another part of Mürren. Then it was time for dinner, but not without a Switzerland showstopper!

Kristin's Tip: Always join in on the fun! Playing the alphorn in the Swiss Alps is a moment I will never forget. Even though I had no clue what I was doing, I learned and in the process had a great time.